Introducing Emily

My Emily lived in her house during the late 1820’s to 1850’s.  The house sits on the outskirts of a northern English village within a walled garden, abundant with colourful flowers, vegetables and herbs.

Emily has no financial worries (we can all dream), she lives alone but may have a gentleman suitor.  She is certainly an independent and self-sufficient woman who makes her own choices in life.

Emily loves to cook, although she is helped daily by a woman from the village who keeps the house clean. Most of all, she loves to write and spend time with friends, preferably in front of the fire on cosy winter evenings.

Emily’s house was a gift from my dad.  I enjoyed having a dolls house as a child, but it was very much something to play with, a toy.  As a teenager we would visit a family friend called Sylvia who had a beautiful Tudor dolls house in her living room and I was somewhere between thinking she was weird and being insanely jealous because I wanted one.

Years later, at the age of 49, I came home from work to find this beauty in the middle of our living room and so began my love of creating beautiful dolls houses.




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