Painting the outside

Traditionally a house like this and from this period, would be stone or sandstone; if painted it would be in mute tones and the roof would probably be dark grey slate. But – this is ‘my Emily’ we are talking about so why be restrained?

After looking at lots of different colour pots, I settled on Resene and purchased two test-pots, which seemed to be the cheapest option.  I chose Energy yellow for the exterior walls and Moroccan Spice for the roof – not very English – but what the heck. For the day frames I used Resene white.

I severely under-estimated how much paint would be needed.  The board the house is made of needed quite a bit of coverage so I ended up using 2 pots for the roof, 1 for the frames and 3 for the walls in the end because I applied 4 coats across the entire house.

I learned that painting on a hot sunny New Zealand day is not ideal,  the paint dries too quickly and the brush hardens within seconds if you take a break. After a bit of research and some helpful advice from my husband, I realised the best painting conditions are still, slightly over-cast but warm and dry days. I also used a small roller rather than a brush after the first coat which resulted in a lovely stippled effect rather than brush-strokes.

I was really pleased with the outcome I have to say!


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